What is Quick.golf?

Quick.golf is a web-based service that pairs golfers who want to play some golf but don’t have the time or inclination to play a full round with nearby golf courses that offer golfers an alternative way to play and enjoy the game — pay by the hole.

Quick.golf generates incremental revenue for golf courses at virtually no risk.
Quick.golf gives golfers a way to enjoy the game when time is short.

If your course doesn’t suffer from these two problems, you don’t need Quick.golf:

  1. Golf courses have capacity they cannot sell
  2. Golfers don’t have time to play as much as they’d like

But if it does, call us today at 650.362.3229, or email harvey@quick.golf.

Who will play Quick.golf?

Your customers.

Not all of them — Quick.golf is a niche service. Most will continue to play as they always have — 18 or 9 holes. However, contained within your customer base are people who will respond to Quick.golf because it fits their busy lifestyles and they just want to play. It’s already happening at courses around the country. What about yours?

How do I operate Quick.golf?

Golfers access Quick.golf by signing up and participating at www.quick.golf.

Your course controls the display of your Quick.golf services via a secure dashboard, from which you can turn Quick.golf on and off. It is unlikely you’ll allow pay-by-hole all day long, but rather when the tee sheet is empty for an extended period of time, or certainly during the last two to three hours of the day.

How do golfers operate Quick.golf?

After registering, golfers find your course on the app. We list courses by closest to furthest using advanced geo-locators:

Screen 1

A course is chosen and the “Play Quick.golf” button is pressed:

Screen 2

The golfer confirms he/she wants to play sending a message to the course that they are on the way. No advanced booking is necessary, no tee times are reserved. If you are open for Quick.golf, golfers will find you and play.

Screen 3

Are golfers ready for Quick.golf?

We think so. And so do the various golf media and experts:

From Jim Koppenhaver, April 2018:

We’re not going to win Millennials or Gen Y or the majority of Gen X by continuing to extol the virtues of tradition, integrity, honor and masochism (i.e. the hardest game you ever loved). Golf will likely not be the center of their universe, it’s going to have to fit their lifestyle (social, easy proficiency, bite-sized time commitments) and will compete against many other activities in their more ADD world. Accept it and adapt.

I’m interested. What will this cost me?

We have two choices — pick the one that makes most sense to you:

  1. NEW! A flat $49 monthly fee during the months you are open, plus applicable credit card processing fees.
  2. A 20% commission on each transaction. We process the credit card, so we net just under 17%. For instance, if you charge $3 a hole, and the golfer plays five holes, the total transaction is $15. We keep 20%, or $3 — and you get the balance of $12. If you operate in a location where sales taxes on greens fees and/or carts are collected, we’ll collect and remit the full tax amount to you and you will be responsible for settling with the taxing authorities, just as you do for all other rounds played at your course.

Either way, we remit to the golf courses once a month via check. Coming soon — Electronic Fund Transfer.

Who is behind Quick.golf?

We are a U.S. company. We are U.S. golf people who care about the health of golf courses — without them we have no sport, no game. People who have observed and studied both golf course operations, and golfers’ consumer behavior. People not afraid to shake up the status quo and incorporate technology into a solution that gives golfers a new option to play, and golf courses a new source of incremental revenue.

If you think you’d like to offer Quick.golf at your course or would like more information, contact Harvey Silverman at harvey@quick.golf.

Is your golf course ready for Quick.golf?

You will not know until you try. The investment is minimal, the rewards potentially substantial. We’ll do everything we can to help you succeed with Quick.golf. If your first tee is empty for significant parts of a day, let us help you put at least a few golfers there to play a few holes. It’s a new way to play — and a new way to generate revenue.

Call us today at 650.362.3229, or email at harvey@quick.golf. It might be the best thing you do today.